What do you get in THE BIZKIT CLUB?

Fot those who want the full flavour experience, for £9.00 per month, the ‘Full Packet Membership’ includes:


Downloadable bi-weekly learning activities you can implement to have a positive impact on you or your business.

Live Sunday recap sessions exploring the lessons we’ve learnt from life and business during that week. This is chance to be featured in the group and share your story.

Twice weekly prompts to help you take ownership of making change both in your life and your business. 

Monthly interactive ‘Culinary Class’ (webinar) based on the subject of the month. You’ll also get access to the downloadable ‘Recipe Book’ (eBook) to supplement the webinar; filled with theory, activities and motivation.

Monthly Q&A with subject expert. This is your interactive session with the panelist(s) of the month who will be based in the sector of the subject of the month. 

Access to THE BIZKIT CLUB community both within the membership area and private Facebook Group. This is your space to share, learn and grown from each other. 

Tickled your tastebuds?

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